The Online-Dental-Compendium lists manufacturers’ products in order to differentiate quickly between general dental terms with definitions and product names which are not always recognizable as such.

KENDA AG, Liechtenstein presents the following products in the compendium:

Kenda 244-Blue

Kenda Acrylic Blue

Kenda All-Ceramic

Kenda Bestflex

Kenda C.G.I.

Kenda Complete

Kenda Diagum

Kenda Disposable Chairside Polisher

Kenda G.P.S. Deluxe

Kenda G.P.S. Disposable

Kenda High End

Kenda Komposit Microfill

Kenda Maximus

Kenda Nobilis

Kenda Planus

Kenda Practicus

Kenda Prophy

Kenda Queen

Kenda Unicus

Kenda Zirconia