Our app – Now available in two versions:

“Den-Dic Pro“ and “Den-Dic”

for iPhones, iPads, iPod touch and Android devices such as smartphones and tablets.




Our service at a glance

“Den-Dic Pro” – Paid, advertising-free and now including PHOTOS

  • German/English dental dictionary with more than 16500 frequently used, highly specialised terms

  • German and English dental compendium with a total of over 1100 definitions
  • Dental students will love it – It not only helps translate German/English terms, but also provides basic information on dental topics
  • Just ideal for international business trips, dental exhibitions etc.

  • Frequently used in one language only – simply for information on dental topics

  • Includes considerably more dental technical terms than other online dental dictionaries, focussing jointly on dental medical and technical terminology

  • All terms and definitions are written by dental professionals in their own native language

  • Can be updated and extended with new topics and techniques – unlike traditional printed dictionaries

“Den-Dic” – Free, but includes advertising

  • Features dental companies’ advertising banners

  • Includes information on dental manufacturers’ products in German/English

  • All other services as described above


Download: „Den-Dic Pro“

The version for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad


Download: „Den-Dic“

The version for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad


for Android devices

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for Android devices

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for Kindle Fire:

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